• Attendance

    December 2011
    M T W T F S S
  • The “Class”

    Avery, Naim, Aaron

  • Subjects

  • Portfolio


Big Kids:

  • Word Time (TRUCK HIGHWAY) they read both of these words on their own.
  • HWT, Letter N practice
  • Math: Lesson 148. This was a beginning sort of statistics lesson in a way, or organizing information. They had to take 4 colors and combine them into pairs as many ways as possible, then color the same picture of a house and a wagon using four colors, but in different combinations. Naim worked and worked to figure this out, but then when I showed him a systematic way to line up his crayons and trade off the one on the left, then put it in the “back of the line.” He got it immediately and had no trouble. Aaron struggled and did the whole thing wrong. Partly because he didn’t listen, and partly because he wanted to do stuff like color flames on the side of the wagon, and partly because he didn’t get it. I made him do the whole thing over again, and let Naim teach him the way I showed him. Then he did them all right with no problems.
  • Reading: Naim did Lesson 30 DVD in Discoveries in Early Reading.
  • Aaron got reading off today since he finished the purple HOP book yesterday.

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