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    December 2011
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Showers, School, Miley Cyrus, Chaz Bono

Avery and I worked on communication around food this morning. I get some yeah’s. He got in the shower with me with his clothes on, I was going to give him a bath anyway, but I just took off his clothes and washed him right there. He thought it was great except for the hair washing part. In Sweden, at least where Nik grew up, all they had was showers, so he says he never remembers taking a bath. Avery is such a Swede-head.

Avery went to WIC today. Iron levels are up to normal. Weight was 31.5, Height was 36.5, same as ped. They are giving us vouchers for lactose-free milk now.

Big kids and I walked Avery down to the Max to meet Nik, and then went to Starbucks to use my last Scripps cards before they expired.

Also got a reply from BrainPop, based on an email Aaron sent totally without my knowledge:

Hi there!

If you have a question for Tim and Moby, go to
http://www.brainpop.com/qanda to ask them!


Rachael Siegel * Subscriber Relations Associate * BrainPOP
rachaels@brainpop.com * @brainpop * www.brainpop.com
t. 866.542.7246 x6044 * f. 866.867.6629
71 West 23-rd Street, 17th Floor * New York, NY 10010

—–Original Message—–
Sent: Monday, December 12, 2011 12:15 PM
To: info

Der tim ad mob.
Wut iz mile ciris.
Fum aaron

Translation: Dear Tim and Moby (characters from BrainPop) What is Miley Cyrus? From Aaron.

His first real email and it is about Miley Cyrus…heh.


  • Word Time (PUSH PULL) They are reading more and more of these themselves.
  • HWT: M
  • Calvert Math: 149-150 Ordinals
  • Aaron finished Lesson 7, I think it was, on animal words in Sylvan
  • Naim watched lesson 30 of zigzag again, tried to do workbook (did first page) but was too nuts to work. Switched to Sylvan because I thought that would be better, no go. He was having hyper spasms about it. I made him stop because it was pointless. He needs to finish tomorrow before Willy Wonka.

At some point today, they saw a story on the computer about Chaz Bono which included pics of him when he was a little girl and on the Sonny/Cher show and an interview where he answered questions that people wrote in about. They also showed him on Dancing with the Stars, which is what originally made them watch the story. So we had a big discussion about transgender issues. I told them I did not understand everything about transgender issues, but that people have all different ways of expressing gender and it is not a binary (and explained that). Talked a bit about how someone becomes transgendered, either by identity and dress, hormone therapy, surgery, etc. They got really fascinated with it. Then they decided they both want to become girls. I said fine, but they can’t get surgery or take hormones until they turn 18, but they can dress or wear their hair however they want. (As long as they are clean and they take care of themselves.) Then Naim wanted a ponytail. But 5 minutes later it was gone and that was that for their transgendered experiment today.