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3 Days of Miscellany

Wednesday was A and N’s 7th Birthday, Wow! They are like, kids now. Not little kids anymore. Just like Avery is not a baby anymore.

Avery had head start on Wednesday. He put lids in a canister and according to notes looks like they tried finger plays and that was a no go. For some reason, he hates that stuff. We originally thought we were going to have a scheduling problem with Head Start if N got that job, but now we are thinking about looking into the two days a week on-site head start instead of this home based one where there are only two days a month on-sites. But it will work either way, it is just that he does seem to enjoy and get a lot out of the onsite ones and the home visits are hit or miss. If we did that, we would basically have to trade off with one of us taking kids to VH and the other going to HS.

Notes from head start.

Big kids spent the day with D. I actually missed them on their b-day. Grampa Bob gave Avery a gift, which was nice, but then the big kids sort of expected one too over there and it was a no-go. Not sure the deal, but it would have been better if Bob just would have not gotten Avery anything because no one would have noticed. I’m pretty sick of all these relatives making my kids feel bad.

Thursday, Naim and I took Avery to the doctor for his two-year. He is 36.5 inches long (<97th %ile) and 30lbs. (75th %ile.) He got MMR and his last HepA. He has 2 vaccines left in February and we are caught up for Head Start. Dr. is pissy about CDRC and EI basically blowing him off in regards to an evaluation. (CDRC said he was too young and EI would not fill out the CDRC paperwork to get him in.) So she called Legacy Emmanuel right while I was there and got him in their Pediatric Development and Rehabilitation Center. All I need to do is make an appointment. She had to fill out paperwork and that is in now.

Jean from EI came Friday and continued to impress me with her lack of anything constructive to say. I had to remind her that he is up for a IFSP review right now, so we have that tentatively scheduled for Jan. 11. I’m going to have to sit down with it and rewrite the goals and objectives, because I know she won’t bother. I’m going to talk to Head Start Danielle and get input from her and Nik, then I will basically write the thing myself. I’m going to try to advocate for 1x wk. SPL from Kathy (Naim’s speech path who I can make a case for OHP to cover.) Also, I might be able to get input from Legacy, but not counting on that being done in time.

While she was here, she used the same wind-up toys she used last time. He gets a bit interested and will do “more” but he is not all that engaged in Jean. Aaron came in (Naim was with R. making gingerbread houses) and started interrupting everything, and I let him stay because I wanted to see how she would handle it. I did tell him that it was Avery’s school time and he had to cooperate and watch, but I didn’t make him leave. I did that because this is our lives, we do not have Avery in a bubble where it is just us and him communicating with no other interruption and noise. Having just Aaron is not even half of the distractions that that kid puts up with. What happened was, Avery checked out, Aaron and her got into a whole conversation that Aaron kept initiating and pushing, and that was that. She made no effort to incorporate Aaron into therapy, which I do all the time. I totally use them as models. If they all want crackers, and Avery is just screaming for one, I wait and make A and N say and sign more cracker and then I give them one. Then Avery will catch on and do it, too. She’s irritating. I told her about Legacy, and she acted like she doesn’t really understand why I want to pursue any kind of medical evaluation for him. Why wouldn’t I? At least initially you want to get some kind of differential diagnosis and rule crap out. I have already, no thanks to EI, ruled out vision/hearing issues. Anyway, she then complained about budget constraints a lot. I get that. But that doesn’t mean that while you are here in the 45 minutes you have with my kid, you can basically check out and do nothing. And she NEVER emails me the notes that she says she will. She is also rather polite-y politely condescending about Nik and his abilities to work with Avery. I’m a special ed teacher so its ok, but he can’t do this or that. I’m like, the vast majority of people you work with are not special ed teachers, that is your job to work with them.

Naim made a gingerbread house at R’s house. That seemed to all go ok, and it was good, especially the chocolate rocks.

Gingerbread house with accompanying Bakugon's Zenthon and ???

Right Side

Left side.

Aaron told my sister on the phone that he doesn’t like R because she is Chinese and has funny eyes. (…cringe…) So we had a talk about that. I told him that R’s color and eye shape are what millions and millions of people have and maybe our eyes look funny to people who have that shape of eye or are that color. And I said I think she is very pretty. Also how silly it is (and rude) to not like someone because of what they look like or where they come from.  I told him that it is not ok to say things like that about someone else. He seemed to get it, but then said that he doesn’t like R. because she doesn’t like him. I don’t know if she doesn’t like him, I think it is a case of two very dominant people trying to dominate each other. I also think it is in his head that R. is Naim’s friend so he can’t like her, too. Not our first race discussion, but one of the most blatant. You can just hope that you handle this stuff ok.

Aaron also finished his HOP purple level 2, and thus the whole purple books. Now we are off to GREEN books!

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