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    November 2011
    M T W T F S S
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    Avery, Naim, Aaron

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Saturday School

  • Math Lesson 133 and 134 more clocks (:30) and review. Money starts next time.
  • Aaron Reading: Part of Ch. 5 in Sylvan, didn’t quite finish (did -am and -at words) HOP Lesson 15 -ell words. DVD and reading in workbook.
  • Naim Reading: Bb in Syvan (4 pp.) Worked for EVER on the white boards on CVC words with short i and short a. Like P_T, make the word say PIT by putting an a or an i in it. Make it say PAT. He was doing fine with short a, then we added short i and it all went to crap, which is pretty common for him. So, we will probably be pausing with HOP and going back to short a and short i review, review, review before we continue on.
  • Together Reading: We reviewed words that were in the Usborne Early Reading Series, book 1 (Pirate Pat) and did the activities at the end of the book. We will re-read this and do the worksheets and another book I have about Pirates next time. They like the adult reads this page/kid reads that page format of those, and they think they are “REAL BOOKS” because they are not the little paper back phonics ones.
  • HWT: Talked about (and listened to song about) Frog Jump letters. Practiced F on slate boards and did F page in workbook. Both did pretty good. Those HWT short little golf pencils are the bomb. Big, Fat Kindergarten pencils are worthless. They have much more control with the itty bitty pencils.
  • They are drawing on the whiteboard now and making up stories to go along with their pictures. They also drew pictures to try out the new scanner I got so I can start filing their stuff in Evernote instead of keeping it hardcopy.
Hey, lets see if I can add Evernote stuff here…
Hmmm, it does that. Interesting. I think I need to save their drawings and stuff as JPEGS rather than pdf. Anyway, learn something new, blah blah blah
ETA: Naim is having a cluster headache tonight. Right now, it seems like it is controlled with medication (2 doses ibuprofen). He has been stressed out and hyper this week. These things tend to come after a stress/hyper wave.

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