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    October 2011
    M T W T F S S
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    Avery, Naim, Aaron

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Sunday Catch up

Big kids did Word Time (INVITE VISIT), Lesson 126 in Calvert Math (Making and reading Calandars), and individual reading. Aaron did HOP Unit review and -ad words in Sylvan. Also read HOP book that he read for D last week. Naim did Zz in HOP Letter Names/Sounds workbooks and supplemental worksheets and workbook pages for -id words in HOP Lesson 9. He reviewed -id words with flip flap book and went down to read “Pig” to Fred. Fred made fun of him for reading slow so he got mad. I told him to go tell Fred that he is being an ass. Good thing about that was he was so self-righteous and indignant about how he is supposed to read slowly and accurately instead of quickly and sloppily, so he has that inner core of not letting other people’s stupid shit they say get to you. Watched Reading Rainbow “StellaLuna” after.

Naim did want to play with Fred in the pm, but after he got mad at him, they called D and decided to go over there.

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