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Monday…busy week

Avery’s EI Teacher, Jean came today. She is depressing when she comes because 1) she doesn’t really do anything with Avery, she just wants to talk to me, which seems like a waste of time. He is getting no therapy. 2) She says absolutely nothing that I don’t already know, haven’t already tried. I wish she had something new for me to try. 3) She is perplexed by exactly the same things that I am perplexed about. Thus justifying my perplexities which makes them more frustrating. Every time she is here I feel like Avery is really disabled, and I get really confused as to what to do with him.

He is on his fourth day of being a crabby, stiff, no-fun baby that you can’t work with. He had vaccines last week and he has a snotty nose. Then this morning, Nik says he gave him milk over the weekend. I thought we had agreed on our test-retest validity of the lactose screening trials. He acts awful and intolerable when he has a lot of dairy. So, Nik went up and got him more almond milk. I am hoping things improve in the next few days because he has just been impossible to deal with.

I’m going to scale back demanding communication from him again (It hasn’t worked anyway…) and just be extremely consistent with really clear words, signs, subroutines, actions right after words given, hand-over-hand signing. Also work on symbol system more and that kid needs a schedule that is extremely consistent. Ugh. Hard with so many kids.

Work on:

  • symbol for “go outside” Bring him shoes? Or make some sort of key symbol?
  • work on alternatives for hitting other kids. signs for my turn/your turn. Just not tolerating it.
  • Work on No/Yes signs and questions.
  • Calendar schedule: what is consistent daily?
  • Wake up: Diapers/Dressed (empty powder bottle, clothes)
  • Breakfast (spoon)
  • usually playtime or school time (block?)
  • Or village home day (shoes and…Picture of Teacher Terri?)
  • Or goes to D’s (shoes and picture of D?)
  • Lunch (Spoon)
  • Diapers and nap? (empty powder bottle and snuggly)
  • Wake up/diapers (empty powder bottle)
  • Snack (spoon)
  • Playtime (block)
  • Dinner (spoon)
  • Diaper and signing time (powder and Rachel flashcards)
  • Bed (snuggly)
That’s ten or so a day. I could get those 5 cubbie hangy things and refill at nap time. I have all that except empty powder bottle and a good laminated pic of Terry and Dwight.
Aaron and Naim:
Easy day for them.
Word Time: language and English
Math: First lesson in ch. 11 about sequencing. No problems.
They decided to make floorplans of our house and a castle. A little wonky on perspective and got a little silly (i.e. The King dancing in his underwear…fit of laughter) but they did well.
Naim did the Aa pages in his PreK HOP book. Have about six pages left of that. I got mixed up and had him read a book “Pigs” instead of “The Pig.” Pigs is several lessons away but he actually did pretty good.
Aaron read The Pig and did Lesson 1 in the Sylvan Word Games book. Did exceptionally well reading new words.
I read “Mr. Gumpy’s Motor Car” which was eh, and later How to Dig a Hole to the Middle of the Earth and Chugga-Chugga Choo Choo, which we haven’t read in forever and I can tell they are reading along with me.
No handwriting today, day off after finishing book.
BrainPop: Incas
New 1st Grade Routine:
Day 1:
Word Time/Handwriting
Reading: 1) They practice relevant slider or prep words and read a story, we write down their spelling words from the words they struggle with. 2) They each do a Lesson in their respective Sylvan workbooks. 3) I read them a story and we talk about any issues that come up. i.e Letter recognition, punctuation, theme, plot, characters, etc.
Discoveries in Early Reading.
Art or Craft
Day 2:
Word Time/Handwriting
Reading: 1) Go over spelling list/sliders. Write Spelling words. Re-read story. 2) Lesson in Sylvan 3) I read story… 4) Hooked on Phonics Lessons
Science/Social Studies
Day 3:
Word Time/Handwriting
Reading: 1) Go over spelling list/sliders. Drill Spelling words. Re-read story.  2) Lesson in Sylvan 3) I read story… 4) Hooked on Phonics Lessons
Science/Social Studies
Ok…try that and see how it goes. Trying to get under 2 hours, so we can go live our lives! (and add in quick days)
*Try to remember to take picture of floorplans.

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