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October 22, 2012

Avery went to Goddard. I am kind of hating on that train table in the lobby. He is starting to have fits if I take him away from it, and I have to get him out of there because of big kids. The last few days it has been a screamfest.

Big Kids:

  • Naim did Lesson 27 in DER
  • We worked with the Montessori golden beads for some place value work, and that went well. Then we did the Calvert Ch. 8 review stuff with the idea that we would do the test and finish the chapter, but Naim struggled with rounding and skip counting so much today I decided they need another day of review before the test.
  • Both did two pp. of respective Sylvan books
  • Naim did DVD and book of Lesson 3 in HOP.
  • Aaron did review, reread “Over My Head” to Naim, did the online game and two review worksheets for Unit 2 review in his HOP.
  • Both did #1-6 in HWT
  • We did lesson 2 in atelier art. This was about Picasso so we watched a brain pop about Picasso and painted with mixed colors.

Working on Artelier art. He WAS dressed in his General Grevous costume, but took it off so he wouldn’t get paint on it.

Aaron’s work, next to the Picasso one. It isn’t supposed to be a copy, just an idea. The lesson is actually focused on mixing primary colors.

Naim’s painting.



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