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October 5, 2012

Avery’s Freely Report. Avery always has some activity out when I come to pick him up, since he is one of the two afternoon pick-ups and everyone else is heading to naps, if not already there. Almost as soon as he sees me, he puts everything back into its container and puts it back on the shelf. How very Montessori of him. Maybe I should have sent the big kids to preschool!

Big Kids:

  • Naim did DER Lesson 24
  • Aaron read “Fox on a Box” from Usborne Phonics.
  • We made the Montessori 100s board today and it took awhile but it was a lot of fun. I’m trying to allow for more time to explore and learn rather than just getting stuff done just to get it done. You always think you want to do that of course, but sometimes you have to check yourself. We did Calvert Math 8.10, skip counting by fives.
  • Both did 2 pp. of Sylvan
  • Aaron did worksheets for HOP Lesson 7.
  • Naim did DVD and book for HOP Lesson 2.
  • We worked on numbers 1-3 in HWT.

I got the next math book to look at. And I am thinking we might just go ahead and start it. It is Math In Focus which is Singapore method since they discontinued Calvert. I was thinking we would finish our current book first, but now I think I like the singapore method better so we might as well just start it. Also, Aaron is done with  his Sylvan K books, which we’ve just kind of done on the side as extra. I think I am going to skip first grade for him and send him up to second. And I will use his first grade books for Naim, because I doubt Naim will be able to skip. The grades are rather arbitrary, anyway. I also think that I want to start doing some minor school on Tues. and Wed. VH days to help Naim’s retention. Sylvan might be good to do there, and maybe some math practice. Also, we are on 3 in HWT and once we reach ten (in about 7 days!) We will be done with that book and I will be so happy. Aaron wants to go on to the next HWT level, so I will let him do that on his own with only minor assistance. His handwriting is fine. Naim and I are going back to K with Zaner Bloser. Again, I wish they would stop naming all these levels as grade levels. It’s fine to go book A, book B or whatever and even have suggested grades in the teachers guide. But it is not accurate to even say that all Kindergarteners should be here and all 2nd graders should be here because it is never going to happen, and then it just trips up kids when they are doing their 3rd K book in 2nd grade because that is where they need to be. Homeschoolers are so anti grade level anyway, that I bet the homeschool curriculum will get there soon. But wonder if PS will ever catch on or just keep passing kids through, grade by grade.

We leave for our Seattle field trip on Sunday.

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