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When we have “homeschool” proper, when we work at home, my goal is to get 180 days in a year, though I really don’t care what days, and we go all year-round. I have not been very good at tracking days for this past year, so I think what I will do is start numbering the days, so I have a running count. But it is so close to the end of this year, I will probably just start fresh in January. These days do not count Village Home (which is at least 60 days a year in and of itself, not counting activities and field trips) or other days when we do other stuff (unless we do it on the same day) so they are actually probably getting at least 33-50% more days than the minimum requirement of public schools (which due to furlough issues, they don’t even get in the local district.)  So, that is why those posts will probably just be labeled with numbers starting next year.

Anyway, Avery:

Avery is 2 today!!!

Avery and I spent the morning together doing Buttercups and various other activities. He worked on a 3 piece puzzle. He never did get it together, but he was interested in manipulating the pieces and he usually doesn’t do that. Then we punched out this Peter Pumpkin Eater spinning thing. He actually punched out most of it himself, but when I assembled it, he lost interest. We colored a bit. And he spent a long time arranging his crayons, then he put them all back in the box. When I asked if he was all done, he grabbed the box and ran down to my office and set them on my desk, which is where they go. I signed and said “I love you” to him and he repeated back a few times, “uboo.” He also kinda sorta said “more crackers” and attempted a fish sign when I asked whether he wanted goldfish or graham crackers. (Also while pointing at the box.) There is communication! It is sketchy and if you look away for a second, you will miss it, but there is communication. It is hard to look back at posts I wrote about A and N when they were two and see the whole conversations we were having at this time, but I am happy with improvement.

A and N:

  • Word Time: WIDE NARROW
  • Calvert Math, Lessons 145-147, Dollar and end of chapter review. Naim is on top of this money stuff.
  • Naim-Sylvan Ff, HOP -ap words in supplemental workbook.
  • Aaron-HOP Lesson 17 worksheets, read “Tick Tock” Only have end of book review and then we are done with Purple Level.
  • HWT, R

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