• Attendance

    November 2011
    M T W T F S S
  • The “Class”

    Avery, Naim, Aaron

  • Subjects

  • Portfolio

Saturday School

  • Word Time (SET PREPARE)
  • Math Lesson 135 (penny)
  • Naim: -at page in HOP supplemental book (we are going back and reviewing), Cc in Sylvan
  • Aaron: -en and rhyming words in Sylvan (last of lesson 4 and all of 5)
  • Previewed W and words in Discoveries in Early Reading, Read National Geographic book “Everybody Needs Water”
  • Watched Lesson 29 Zigzat DVD, (W, Water and Rain). Naim answered discussion questions.
  • HWT, Frog Jump letters continued, E
Avery and I picked up his toilet paper mess 2x, he understood what he needed to do and did participate. Kids did more PBS kids website, watching the Electric Company and playing games.
ETA: I attempted (like I do many times) to read to Avery tonight. Books were board books: Shapes, Little Duck Loves Colors, and Goodnight Baby. He held and was interested in the Goodnight Baby one for a few minutes. But then he ran off with the Shapes book and put it on the table. I asked him to bring me the book. He didn’t quite get it so I said, “Here Go! Bring me the book.” with my hands out like he does when he wants something. He went right over to it and brought it to me. His receptive communication skills have improved dramatically since the diet change. I scanned his IFSP into Evernote tonight and was looking at the goals and objectives. He really has got them all (or is 90% there) on all but the ex com goal. He is out of the water on the socials and adaptives. Rec Com is following 1-2 step directions and “safety words” like Stop and No. He can do that now. And again, I can’t believe what a piece of shit job they did on that whole evaluation. Anyway, also wanted to note that I am determined to read to him daily, even if I am only reading to myself. Or maybe I can get one of the other kids involved to show interest.

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