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June 30-July 5, 2013

Summer means once a week consolidated posts, I guess.

June 30, Nik and I went to dinner and to the Fleetwood Mac concert and the kids stayed with Casper, a mom from VH (whose kids are all grown up, now.) That seems to go ok.

Avery went to Goddard M,T,W all day so I could run the kids around to their respective camps. I have Mon,  Tues and Wed DARs.

Naim went to Timbers Soccer Camp at Jeld-Wenn Field. He liked being at the big stadium. He fought heat and dehydration but seemed happy each day. He met a Timbers player who autographed his hat. (Diego Valeri? I think?) He said the coach says he is too slow. I am not sure if he is that slow or if he just gets self conscious and doesn’t run full-out. He has better endurance than a lot of the kids. But he is a marathoner and not a sprinter (or at least that is what he does more of) so I am not sure. He got a certificate.

Aaron, meanwhile, went to the children’s museum’s City Builders camp. He seemed to have a lot of fun and brought home a lot of glue gun and wood items. They seems to all revolve around Decepticon (some kind of Transformer.) He pretty much made himself a whole playset. He drew one version of transformer on one side of a thing he made, and the other version that it transformed into on the other, so you could switch sides and play both. This is his second camp this summer with no “meltdown” incidents. He brought this home.

On Thursday, they went to the Independence Day parade with Nik. Then later we walked around the neighborhood and ran into the neighbors around the corner who were doing fireworks in the street. Aaron got himself adopted to this family and they gave him a popsicle. I never know what to do in those situations. They seemed really nice, but I hope we weren’t crashing in an annoying way. I can’t make heads or tails of what is going on in the dark with a bunch of firecrackers going off. I was just trying to figure out what my kids were doing.

Friday, Aaron had his last day of camp and so Naim and Avery and I went to the zoo. I think this was the first time Avery really “got” the zoo. That you are supposed to look at animals. He liked the sea lions and he really liked the elephants. He said “bye, bye, elephants” on his own. Then later when I said that he said, “hello, elephants.” He made a joke!

I got tired of running them around, but it was a good week for them at camp.