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May 1, 2010

Eating Oranges at Ava’s

Something’s funny…

…and even funnier.

Village Home day. There was skeleton stuff in Science, counting/charting dinosaurs types and heights, etc. Math seems to have been dealing with numbers in the 1000s, ten thousands, 100 thousands, etc.

Avery and I hung out mostly in the playroom and a brief trip to Ava’s where he had snack and I had coffee. He also pointed to body parts on a stuffed dog when I would ask him where they were. That is a first for that.

Grampa Fred came in the Evening so we tracked the plane in the afternoon and looked at the states it went through and how many miles across each state was.

We went to Noodles for dinner and the grocery store. We saw D’s mother at Noodles. I hadn’t seen her in 7 years. ¬†She acted like I was her long-lost friend, so that was a little weird, but I guess I have to give her credit for coming over. I only bring this up here because I noticed that big kids knew it was odd and weren’t even sure who she was at first, but followed my lead and acted as if they knew her and were happy to see her, too (then asked me who she was later. I think they knew she was a familiar person, but weren’t sure who.) I guess this is significant because they are taking on social cues to make things easier in public for others.