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June 25-29, 2013

Erica came on Tuesday. Something that is going to drive me nuts for the rest of the summer, because it cuts in to the middle of the day. But I think we are going to start ¬†swimming lessons on Tuesday afternoons, so then the whole day won’t be a wash.

Wednesday, I took Naim to an informational meeting about Destination Imagination, something that I thought he would be very good at and enjoy. Here is the website. It is a team challenge thing where they get problems and a limited amount of time to solve them. At the meeting, they took the kids to go do instant challenges. He liked it a lot, even to the point where he said he wanted to do it more than soccer. So, I am now in “negotiations” with some other parents about starting a team where it looks like I might be (reluctantly) co-team manager. The kids are going to meet a few times over the summer and see how it goes, so we will see.

Thursday, we went to the OutPost. Nik had the day off so he went with us. Naim did superheroes training and they did some science experiment making crystals on charcoal.

Friday Avery went to Goddard.

Big kids had school:

  • We worked on the first half of the cumulative review of Chapters 10-13 in MIF. I am not testing them, I am just using the test as a review of everything so far. They did OK for this first half.
  • They both did 2 Sylvan pages.
  • Aaron did the review game and worksheets for Unit 1 in HOP. He also read “This Book is Broken” to Nik.
  • Naim did the bonus workbook for lesson 1 in HOP. He reread the story in the book to Nik.
  • Aaron did the next 2 pp. in HWT
  • Naim did Pp in the ZB workbooks.

Both kids are doing well with reading every night and adding their reading to the library summer reading program poster. Naim has been working on Starfall and both have been picking out books to read from the Reading Rainbow app.

On Saturday, Naim went to a “Funino” festival which has something to do with the curriculum they are using this fall to teach the soccer teams. They played three mini games. His team won 2 and lost 1. He has also been jogging with Nik. He goes about ¬†1/2 the distance that Nik does and then comes home. I think it is probably about 4K.