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2012: 21

On Thursday, Naim did the first few pages of his new Sylvan book, which was review of alphabet. I’m trying to spend at least 15 minutes a day with reading with him so that he doesn’t forget everything from one day to the next.

Today, we took Avery to speech. He was supposed to point to a drawer in this box with nine drawers. And pick out the toy inside. Then put them back. He did ok, but I can’t say he really pointed. More like grabbed at. He also put little animals in easter eggs and then was supposed to find them after she hid them, but he showed no interest. He picked up a toy music box thing and she worked with him on saying “on” to turn it on. He can kind of do this at home with light switches, but he was not cooperating here. She let him go after about 30 minutes. They need to bond more.

I stopped by Sylvan Learning Center to see about Naim going there while Avery is in speech and that is a no-go. They are open during that time but have no teachers. It is not a big loss, because they never impressed me much. It would have just been something more constructive for him to do during Avery’s speech.

We then went and got Aaron and Naim haircuts, had lunch and went to the park before catching the bus home. At home, we had a bit of time for school. So we did some reading and handwriting.

  • Naim did -ab words in HOP. We had done this before, and did it again.
  • Aaron also reviewed his sw- and st- words in HOP
  • Word Time was (LAY and LIFT)
  • Handwriting was A

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