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So Close to the End of Math Book

Avery is a bit feverish and sick today. It is exactly ten days from his MMR vaccine, so that is what I’m guessing. He just wants to sit around a lot. He did play with Naim’s pretend computer for a bit.

Naim has hung out with the painter quit a bit the last few days. He even got to paint and painted our garage key pad, which I don’t know if was supposed to be painted, but oh well. I had to take a knife and pry it open, but it is fine now. Painter dude got a whole earful of our life story according to Naim. Nik eats all day and is out of cups. I organize things on the computer. His hair is golden because of Sergei’s sperm, but his dad has brown hair, no not Nik. D. He lives down the street. He uses a wheelchair. No, he is not blind. Nik is blind, he can’t walk and my mom can’t hear. Heh.

My printer cartridges were the wrong ones. Ugh. All that is to say, my printer is totally out of ink so could not print Aaron’s reading today. Aaron instead read 5 of Avery’s board books to me. He did pretty good.


  • Math Lessons 152 and 153. Probability and sequencing.
  • Naim did Hh in Sylvan
  • Aaron did -ig and -in in Sylvan, which was the rest of Lesson 8.

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