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August 7, 2012

Did Village Home registration today. It is such an Olympic Speed event. I sit there and start refreshing the page once a minute at 7:57. Then at 8:00, I refresh continuously until it is a go to enroll. Then I go as fast as humanly possible (or at this point, as fast as the computer will let me because it was bogged down with everyone doing this) and run through and get the classes. I got everything by about 8:10. There were some changes, but here is what it looks like now:


Class Title
DRA201 Theater for Kids
HSS101 Inter-Act Theater
MTH101 Math Playground
MUS120 Music In Me
PED104 Fun Sports
SCE137 OMSI Labs for Grades K-2


Class Title
ART210 Drawing
MUS120 Music In Me
SCE101 Creepy Crawly Critters
SCE106M Junior Lego/Ello Building Club
SCE137 OMSI Labs for Grades K-2
SCE215 Engineers Gone Wild!

If you look at Naim’s categories, he seems pretty well rounded. Drama, History, Math, Music, PE, and Science. But Aaron’s is Art, Music, Science, Science, Science, Science. But this is a full day one day a week, from 9:30 to 3:30. Whether Avery and I stay or go or arrange a ride or what is not decided, but whatever it is, it is only once a week. We’ll see how that goes. The OMSI lab is one Friday a month, so that will just be OMSI day.  Whether I switch Avery out of Goddard one Friday a month (to Thurs) or whether we do it permanently and have Friday be our field trip day I guess will be up to Goddard. Or a possibility is to put him in all day, but that would be more expensive, so I think we will just switch him out somehow.

After that, we went to the Outpost today. Avery “read” a Thomas book and gave his water bottle the longest wagon ride ever. Aaron got into a physical altercation with a couple of older bully brat kids, and handled it well. They wouldn’t let him go down a slide, they made fun of his shirt, then started shoving him, then grabbed his shirt and his arm. Aaron did a self defense move to get out of that. It was kind of interesting to watch, he almost did it on instinct, but it is something that he has shown me before. Then he went down the slide and came over and got me, and then I helped him negotiate it out. In the end, the kids gave him a password and he had to say the password to go down the slide. He was ok with that, but did it once and just left them alone after that. Alternatively,  Naim came early to find a seat for mad science and got a front row seat. Then, somehow, he got knocked/squeezed out of his seat twice by other kids. I did not see the whole thing because I was dealing with Avery being a brat. But he kept getting up and letting other people have his seat. I found him one in the second row and told him to sit down and stay there. Then he gave up that seat and I was just like, “you are on your own, kid.” Then, somehow, the Mad Science woman got involved (she was setting up her stuff on stage while all this was going on) and he returned to his seat in the front row. Sigh. So Mad Science, Superhero training, etc. at OutPost today. And then lots of existential conversations with Naim about God and the grey Aliens (Dwight!) and stuff on the way home.

August 1, 2012

Avery went to school today, and saw “reptile man.”  Here is his Freely. He also either does puzzles or colors with markers when he is waiting for me to come get him (while the other kids get ready for naps.) He has gotten more into showing me his pictures, so I scanned the one from today. I’ll scan them every once in a while and see how they change. Already it is a great improvement from a few months ago when he didn’t seem to know what to do with crayons or markers and would just bang them around or put them in his mouth.

This morning before school, Aaron and Avery were so cute together. Aaron was singing “Witch Doctor” and rocking and Avery crawled in the chair to join him, and brought two pairs of glasses, which they both put on.

For the big kids, I don’t know, I caught something at Oral Hull. Not a cold exactly, just constant coughing, tiredness, and something that feels a bit like a UTI. Maybe it is a mold allergy or something. But I have not been able to stay awake the past few days. Today I forced myself to do school, which we didn’t get all the way through. Then when I went to pick Avery up, I had to sit down in the lobby at Goddard and let him play with trains for a bit because I was so dizzy and tired. I took a three hour nap this afternoon and am still tired. I hope this resolves soon. I felt myself getting sick at Oral Hull, but just had to keep going, and then I crashed at home. Irritating. So for Big Kids:

  • Naim watched Lesson 8 of DER
  • Aaron did word bank and read Book 14 in Usborne “Knight Fight.”
  • Both did 2 pp. of their respective Syvan books.
  • Naim did Bonus book and reread story in HOP Lesson 15. -ill words.
  • Aaron did the DVD and read Lesson 1 in Level 2 of HOP. words that end in -ch or -tch.
  • We did Calvert Math Chapter 7.1, which is about graphing and probability. We were going to do 7.2 which was about collecting data and tally marks, but I could tell they weren’t getting it and I was losing the energy to teach them, so try again next time. Did finish the practice book, though.
  • Watched “Lewis and Clark” in BrainPop.
  • For the library summer reading program, Naim read two Bob Books, “Mac” and “Dot.” Aaron read a scholastic book “Apple Picking,” and a book my sister got them called “A Home for Brooks.” They have till Aug. 15 and have 8 more books to read, so we are in good shape there.

So we did not do sentence school, handwriting or any type of science or extra thing. But I was glad to get that done. Friday I have to go to the dentist, so we are going to have to do some stuff during Avery’s naps the next couple of days, I have missed too much the last two weeks.

We had a meeting about classes at Village Home for next year since I just got my financial aid award and registration starts next Tues. I think we have decided to go Tuesday all day, and after the first day where I will help them find classes, they will go on their own (I will drop off and pick up.) Then I can have some time to get Avery to speech and that kind of thing.

Naim has chosen:

  • Math Playground
  • Drama
  • Hip Hop/Jazz
  • Theater (I’m letting him do two drama classes because this one is through Bad Wolf Press and is really a sneaky academic program. Plays set to history, grammar, literature and science themes.)
  • Fun Sports

Aaron has chosen:

  • Engineering Exploration
  • Magic Treehouse (This will be his first class that requires homework. They have to read one MTH book a week at home.)
  • Junior Lego Building Club
  • Music and Me
  • Creepy, Crawly Bugs

Also, they both want to go back to OMSI labs once a month, which will be much easier now that we will not be going on Thursday. So OMSI will just be our field trip for those days and will end with the lab.  Before, I could not get from VH to OMSI fast enough and we were dead tired when we did make it.

So many good classes, such a hard choice. We will be losing Discoverers this year, and Aaron really wanted to do Messy Garage. I compromised with him (he wanted to go Wednesday and Naim and I wanted Tuesday) by saying that I would buy him a glue gun and he could do Messy Garage at home. When Avery is older and out of the Goddard ECSPED stage of things, I can give them a lot more freedom to pick and choose what they want, but now it is limited by scheduling. And will always be somewhat limited by money. With all these classes, it will be costing me about $360 per term with my financial aid award, which isn’t too bad. When Avery starts, we will loose Goddard expenses, but will gain expenses there. Still, by FAR and AWAY cheaper than private school.