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    February 2023
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Saturday Catch-up

Felt fluish again, so stayed in and tried to catch up on missed Friday schoolwork.

Kids did Word Time: LOUD QUIET

Math, practiced counting backwards from 30. Finished the chapter on counting higher numbers. Kids are excited for next chapter on time and money.

Reading. Aaron read review word list for the first Bob Book in the Level 2: Advanced Beginners box and then read the book “Fun in the Sun.” ┬áBoth watched Lesson 27 in ZigZat. Naim did Lesson 27 workbook pages. Singulars and Plurals, read a small put-together-yourself book about body parts. labeled body parts (Aaron did that yesterday! he made sure to tell us.) Played memory game matching body part pictures with labels. (once with me and once with Aaron.) He reads much better than he knows his letters. Its strange. He gets sounding out, he gets context cues. He forgets what a lot of letters look like.

HWT: Did the final end-of-book test and we are finished with Get Set For School! Finally! Now moving on to the next book: Letters and Numbers for Me. Both did OK on test. Aaron got everything right. (Letter identification, drawing letters and numbers, etc.) Naim missed a few letters and numbers. Neither of them did amazingly on the “Draw a Picture of Yourself” thingy. They want lots of detail, and neither kid was very into making much detail on demand.

Avery has been a crap the last couple of days and driving me nuts. Maybe he is a bit sickish, too.

Ruoda was going to come with us to see Junie B. Jones next Wednesday. Then Melanie said she can’t because she has to catch up on school work. I think it is kind of crappy. I already told the kids she was coming and got her a ticket (Although it was Avery’s, so not like a paid extra, but now no one will use it.) My policy is, yeah, you can withhold things from kids sometimes, but not things they’ve already committed to. It is too upsetting to the other kids. But maybe they can play after for a bit. I wonder how much school work she’s got that kid doing a day. Sound pretty hard core.