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    February 2023
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Friday, Theater, Sleepover, Walk with Avery

Naim went to NWCT, teachers say he is doing ok with his lines but needs practice. Aaron shopped again with Avery at the Dollar Tree. Then they went to D’s for a sleepover. I heard there was lots of legos and lots of TV.

Nik and I took Avery for a walk behind the houses. He really likes to walk and did investigate some trees and mosses and stuff. Went briefly to the Tot Lot. He likes the steering wheels but was not NEAR so obsessed with them. We could redirect him to other things. We were going to walk back on the street side, but he wanted to go on the paths behind the houses again. He pointed in that direction. He is getting some basic pointing or gesturing down. He still does not look to where you point.

Oh, and having two parents with just one baby is SO EASY it is unbelievable. So chill and calm. I can see that that is the way to ease into parenting. Not the kamikaze way I did it.

Trail Mix Break. Gotta have Trail Mix on the Trail

We had to stop at almost every bench.

Drippy droopy trees rain when you shake them.