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September 18, 2012

Avery’s playtime!

Big kids VH schedule is all straightened out after our disaster last week. I think we will be happy now.

Avery and I played in the playroom for about an hour, went to library story time, ate lunch and played on the playground at the park. So we pretty much have a whole preschool of a day there. Avery made a shape picture in storytime.

Naim had Math Playground, Drama, and Interactive Drama. In that one, he has homework. He has a CD and has to learn 5 songs. It is a musical about Westward Expansion.

Aaron had Engineering, where he took apart a doorknob, a keyboard and watched a lawnmower engine being taken apart. He then had Legos and Art. I saw his art project from last week hanging on the hallway wall. It was his hand, all decorated with rings.

Naim had soccer practice tonight.