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Aaron-Past Curriculi and Classes

Fall, 2008

Outside Classes:

  • Village Home Educational Resource Center-Little Villagers (Thurs. 9:30)
  • UU RE “Stargazers” (Sun. 11:15)
  • I’m not doing a “PE” class for fall, but perhaps Winter Quarter. Possibilities: Little Feet at HFAC (Fri. 10:00) or Ballet/Jazz at HFAC (have to be 4 yrs. ). Swim with me during fall one day a week maybe.

Main Curriculum:

Oak Meadow Kindergarten Components (daily, rotating subjects through week):

  • Circle Time
  • Morning Main Lesson (Language Arts/Social Studies/Math)
  • Afternoon Main Lesson (Usually Science, Crafts/Art, Music and Movement)
  • Health (I’m saving that for next year).

Supplemental Curriculum:

  • Hooked on Phonics Preschool (workbook and CDrom)
  • Building Thinking Skills (workbook)
  • Handwriting without Tears (workbook and manipulative activities)
  • Brighter Visions Workbooks (I quit this but still have some workbooks left)
  • Sonlight LIterature (PK 3-4)
  • Angel Bear Yoga


  • Muzzy Spanish
  • Signing Time
  • D Jumpstart Preschool?

Field Trips:

  • Children’s Museum
  • OMSI
  • Zoo
  • Me, Too!
  • Grandma Leeth’s
  • Library
  • Parks
  • Pizza Places

3 Years (Spring, 2008)

  1. Funshine Express–Sprouts
  2. Brighter Vision Discovery Program
  3. HFAC Sporties for Shorties
  4. NVDC Tumbling Tots
  5. BBC Muzzy Spanish
  6. NPN Healthy Start

2 to 3 Years (2007)

  • New Parent Network
  • HFAC “Little Feet Friday”
  • Montessori ”Assistant to Infancy Program” Twos
  • Summer Swimming w/Mom
  • Brighter Vision Discovery Program
  • Funshine Express-Sprouts (Starting in Fall Quarter)
  • BBC Muzzy–Spanish

1 to 2 Years (2006)

  • New Parent Network
  • Gymboree (Winter Quarter)
  • Montessori “Assistant to Infancy Program” Toddler
  • Brighter Vision First Learning Adventure
  • HFAC “Waterbabies” (Summer Quarter)
  • Baby Einstein

6 Months to 1 Year (July, 2005-December, 2005)

  • New Parent Network
  • Montessori “Assistant to Infancy Program” Infants

Birth to 6 Months (December, 2004-June, 2005)

  • New Parent Network
  • “Morning School”: Classical Music, Stretches, Books, Songs, Motor Skills, Nap

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