• Attendance

    December 2017
    M T W T F S S
  • The “Class”

    Avery, Naim, Aaron

  • Subjects

  • Portfolio

Naim, 6th Grade Year

*I lost a bunch of data/pics/etc from 2016. This is a bit of a reconstruction.


Naim, 6th Grade


  • Math U See, Gamma
  • Child’s History of the World
  • Touch, Type, Read and Spell
  • Khan Academy, Grammar
  • HOP Master Reader
  • Voyages in English 3


  • HOA PE
  • HOA Elementary Face-to-Face
  • VH Kids Design the Future
  • VH Oval Office, Bill on the Hill, Court in Session
  • VH Chess Club
  • VH Cultural Arts
  • VH Human Rights Heroes
  • VH Fall Musical Elf, Jr.
  • HOA Outdoor School (Cedar Ridge)
  • VH Outdoor School (Opal Creek)


  • CNN Student News

Field Trips:

  • Elf, Jr
  • Democratic Party Election Night Party
  • NWCT Schoolhouse Rock
  • Oregon Rail Heritage Center
  • Japanese Garden
  • Seaside Maritime Museum
  • Seaside Bike Riding/beach trip
  • Science Fair (HOA)
  • Science Fair (Hillsboro District)
  • Oregon State NFB Legislature Meeting
  • Oregon State Legislature House of Representatives Page
  • Nike World Headquarters Tour
  • OMSI Pompeii Exhibit

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