• Attendance

    August 2014
    M T W T F S S
  • The “Class”

    Avery, Naim, Aaron

  • Subjects

  • Portfolio

Naim: 3rd Grade Year

Naim, 3rd Grade Year

Naim 3rd Grade

Naim, Age 9

  • VH Explorers
  • HSC: Fall Soccer
  • UUCCWC RE: 3-5 Grade
  • Weight Watchers (heh.)
  • VH Schoolhouse Mash-Up (Winter, Spring)
  • VH World History (Winter)
  • VH Ancient Egypt (Spring)
  • VH Fun Sports (Spring)
  • NWCT Emporer’s New Clothes (Winter)
  • Oregon Zoo “Zoo’s Clues” One Day Camp
  • Oregon Zoo “The Great Northwest” One Day Camp
  • Portland Child Art Studio (Spring)
  • HPR Electric Eel Swimming (Spring)
  • VH Destination Imagination Camp
  • Washington County Museum: NW Pioneer Camp
  • NWCT Improv Camp
  • Teacher Created Resources: James and the Giant Peach, Mr. Popper’s Penguins
  • Calvert Discoveries in Reading 1
  • Calvert Discoveries in Music
  • Reading Horizons: Discovery
  • Hooked on Phonics First Grade Level 1
  • Sylvan K:  Sight Words, Spelling Flashcards (K and 1)
  • Sylvan 1st Grade Language Arts Success
  • Math in Focus: Level 1B (Fall)
  • Math in Focus: Level 2A (Spring)
  • Zaner Bloser Handwriting K
  • Atelier Art
  • Real Science for Kids: Primary Chemistry
  • James and The Giant Peach
  • Mr. Popper’s Penguins
  • Ramona and her Mother
  • Ramona, Age 8
  • Little House in the Big Woods
  • Little House on the Prairie
  • On the Banks of Plum Creek
  • Reading Rainbow
  • Math Arcade
  • Letter School
  • DIY. org
  • UNICEF: “A Life Like Mine”
  1. Children’s Museum: Dora/Diego
  2. Lakeview Farms w/UU’s
  3. Outdoors In
  4. NWCT James and the Giant Peach
  5. Out of This World Soccer Party
  6. “Planes” at Valley Cinema
  7. Out of This World w/Fred
  8. Evergreen Aviation Museum
  9. “Smurfs 2” at Valley Cinema
  10. Orenco Business Association Halloween
  11. Rice Museum of Rocks and Minerals
  12. Hillsboro Veterinary Hospital
  13. Sky High Trampoline
  14. OMSI Physics Lab/Solar System Ice/Organic Strawberries
  15. Outdoors In
  16. HFAC Swimming, Gym, Track
  17. Zoo Lights
  18. Portland Spirit River Cruise with Magician and Boat Tour
  19. Portland Tram Tour
  20. NWCT Peter Pan
  21. OMSI with Tony Hawk and Submarine Tour
  22. NWCT Goodnight Moon
  23. VH Bloom Talent Show
  24. The Lego Movie
  25. Oregon Youth Symphony
  26. Outdoors In
  27. WeVillage
  28. Washington County Museum: Technology through the Ages
  29. Quatama/Rock Creek Trail Bike Riding
  30. Portland Children’s Museum: Portland Bicycles and Outdoor Adventure
  31. Sky High Sports
  32. Portland Spirit Easter Cruise
  33. Rood Bridge Park
  34. Village Free School Experience Days
  35. Forest Park/Audubon Society
  36. Cook Park
  37. Outdoors In (multiple)
  38. OHEN State Convention
  39. Orenco Gardens Independence Day Party
  40. Washington County State Fair
  41. Orenco Gardens Neighborhood Garage Sale
  42. Zoo Concerts (Rick Springfield/Pat Benatar)
  43. WES Train/Wilsonville Family Fun Center
  44. Quatama Back to School Night
  45. Japanese Garden/Rose Garden

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