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    February 2023
    M T W T F S S
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    Avery, Naim, Aaron

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Trip to Wetlands

Today, Aaron and Naim went to Jackson Bottom Wetland Preserve for a two hour “Bucket Biology” class and short hike through the wetlands. Misty rain and didn’t get any pictures on the hike. They classified and identified insects, and saw an Eagle’s nest and did a few hands-on activities in the encounter lab.

At home they completed Lesson 119 in Calvert Math. It was a bit of drudgery but we were all tired. Later, they put together a flip book (the kind where you can see animation when you flip it fast) that was in a Click Magazine insert. They had to cut and order the pictures to 40.

I did not see much of Avery today as he went with Nik to work at Dwight’s and then he went to the doctor to get his Head Start paperwork in and start catch-up on vaccines. He is now four behind, but should be good by his two-year if we make a vaccine appointment in November and December. He was sick and crabby from vaccines, so he went to bed early with a low fever.